sorry im posting another selfie again (im really not ha ha)

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my parents split after they made me. i am a volcano. they are tectonic plates. follow for more geological humour.

i really hope the two people who just followed me aren’t looking for geological humour or you are going to be earth-shatteringly disappointed

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Adventure Time #27

KaBOOM!’s Adventure Time #27 is out in the universe today. Ryan North wrote it, guest artist Jim Rugg drew it. Brittney Williams, Sabrina Scott, and Tom Hunter created the covers along with Chrystin Garland, whose cover D is above.

Head to your local comics emporium or order one online from BOOM!

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what do you call a sphere full of idiots


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Nobody lives here: The nearly 5 million Census Blocks with zero population

A Block is the smallest area unit used by the U.S. Census Bureau for tabulating statistics. As of the 2010 census, the United States consists of 11,078,300 Census Blocks. Of them, 4,871,270 blocks totaling 4.61 million square kilometers were reported to have no population living inside them. Despite having a population of more than 310 million people, 47 percent of the USA remains unoccupied.

Green shading indicates unoccupied Census Blocks. A single inhabitant is enough to omit a block from shading.

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*tips fedora at hazel grace* m’taphor

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it’d be pretty cool if i had cheekbones or maybe a jawline idk

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